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Around 1920, Rudderow Builders, Inc was established by Skip's Grandfather & his brother. Throughout the 1900's, Rudderow Builders employed Grandpop-Sam Sr., and his sons: Sam Jr., Ted, George Sr., & Wally Rudderow. The company developed friendships from clients by placing value on high quality construction along with honest work.​
Skip Rudderow​

Skip Rudderow received his first power tool when he was 9 yrs old and spent 35 years building custom furniture. He has had years of schooling in fine art and technical design, which has been combined with his passion for woodworking. Having worked in the higher quality cabinet design/sales business for many years, Skip started Main Street Cabinet Co. in 2010, and has developed the reputation as a premiere designer in our region with an emphasis on kitchen design. 

Skip has built his business around the same values as Rudderow Builders - honest, high quality work, with an emphasis on service and value.

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George Rudderow III
Like his father, George grew up in a woodworking household. His experience with wood working machinery and furniture making has contributed to his kitchen design knowledge which is reflected in his designs.  In addition to designing, George also handles a considerable amount of business details on a daily basis in the Moorestown showroom, including scheduling and finances.

George believes that cabinetry should be designed to be an integral part of the home, and clients can expect a fresh perspective in his work.

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Deborah Stoff
A graduate of Parson School of Design with over 18 years of experience, Deborah majored in Furniture Design where she spent much of her time designing and building furniture in the wood and metalsmith workrooms.  She has lived and worked in Philadelphia, New York City, Southern CT, and the Eastern Shore of Maryland areas before calling the Chester County area her home; bringing with her a vast design dialogue from each region. 

An avid home gardener, cook, and entertainer, Deborah understands how to design rooms for maximum comfort and efficiency and will tailor your space to your specific cooking style and family environment.  She believes the design process is a partnership between client and designer and that your home should be a reflection of your own personal style.

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